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April 11, 2023

Through sustainable printing practices and a partnership with PrintReleaf, DCM is tackling climate change and helping clients achieve their environmental objectives—one tree at a time.


Dedicated to creating a more sustainable future

DCM has always taken a proactive approach to mitigating climate change and reducing the impact of its facilities on the planet. Prior to the federal government issuing the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act, DCM was invested in sustainable best practices through a partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and actively searching for new ways to become a better environmental steward.

In 2021, DCM partnered with PrintReleaf.


Offsetting paper footprints by replanting trees

PrintReleaf helps companies sustain and grow the global forestry system, ultimately offsetting carbon emissions and slowing climate change. PrintReleaf’s ground-breaking platform measures paper consumption, calculates how many trees were harvested to produce that paper, and then automatically reforests the equivalent number of trees in certified forests around the world, including Canada.


Learn more about our partnership here.  


How reforestation mitigates climate change

Reforestation is a sound environmental strategy rooted in simple, scientific fact. Growing trees—forests of them—can slow global warming because trees naturally absorb and store carbon dioxide, removing it from the atmosphere. Reforestation also reverses biodiversity loss, another significant cause of climate change. But reforestation takes time, and current efforts need to drastically increase for us to see a significant reduction in carbon emissions.


DCM addresses clients’ environmental concerns

Consumers feel better about buying from brands that share their values. Companies often feel the same about their business partners. As a digital and print provider to top brands across North America, DCM understands its clients’ concerns about paper consumption.


“Our PrintReleaf partnership enables us not only to make a difference ourselves, but to help our clients meet their ESG goals and show their own customers how they’re making a positive environmental impact. It truly is a win-win all around.”

Richard Kellam, President & Chief Executive Officer


As a PrintReleaf Platinum Channel Partner, DCM can offer the environmental benefits of the PrintReleaf program to clients, at no additional cost.

PrintReleaf’s tracking system integrates seamlessly into DCM’s enterprise software and automatically calculates a client’s paper consumption. The platform then reverse-calculates the number of trees used to produce that paper. For every 83 lb (37.6 kg) of paper DCM prints for clients, a tree is replanted on their behalf. 

Every time DCM prints something for a client, 100% of that paper consumption is reforested through PrintReleaf.


Helping clients take environmental action

A company’s ESG commitments and achievements must be measurable and transparent. Consumers and governments are demanding undeniable, unfiltered proof of a company’s climate change efforts, impact, and progress.

When a client joins the PrintReleaf program through DCM, their customers can see how many trees they have planted quickly, easily, and in real time.

Every participating client receives a unique QR code that links to a simple dashboard showing exact reforestation numbers, and where that planting is taking place. QR codes can go anywhere (print, digital, and social), and anyone can scan the codes to see proof that the company is serious about sustainability and offsetting climate change.

 DCM clients also receive access to PrintReleaf certificates and logos that they can share with consumers on their social platforms, to help spread the word.


What one of our clients says… 

“Through our business operations we work to help ensure a sustainable future for our company and our customers. From the management of energy and water to recycling programs, packaging initiatives, and transportation and logistics, we are always looking at opportunities to reduce the impact our operations have on the environment. Participating in the PrintReleaf paper offset program is one of many steps we’re taking to support forest ecosystems and reduce carbon in the atmosphere.”

Julie Yan Director,
Sustainability & Social Compliance
Hudson’s Bay Company


Want to be part of PrintReleaf? Reach out to us here.

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