Personalized video

Simplify personalized video. Engage more clients.

As more organizations add personalized video to their marketing mix, they’re recognizing that personalized video production and distribution can be very difficult to execute at scale.

DCM has the solution that will make your life easier: PRSNL



An engaged smiling woman.
PRSNL. Watch to learn. An engaged smiling woman.
PRSNL. Watch to learn.

Cut through the noise. Drive better outcomes.

PRSNL is an end-to-end solution for personalized video that builds on DCM’s +25 years delivering personalized messaging. It solves the challenges of complex video production, from building strategy and creative to weaving in customer data and executing at scale.

Whether you’re launching a product, onboarding a client, promoting a travel destination, or recognizing a loyal customer, PRSNL is a simple solution for creating professional, personalized videos that turn ordinary touchpoints into moments of magic and delight.

Graphic pie chart on Attract, Engage and Retain

The power of personalized video: stronger engagement

76 percent

of consumers get frustrated when brands don’t personalize interactions

Sources: McKinsey, Salesforce

72 percent

of consumers expect brands to understand their needs

89 percent

of businesses expect brands to understand their needs

Your relationship. Our heavy lifting.

With PRSNL there’s no complicated outsourcing, no coordinating different suppliers. We take you from strategy to “Send”, leveraging your customer data to deliver high-impact videos that meet your business goals while freeing up your back end.

strategy icon

Step 1: Strategy

• Identify target audience
• Establish message
• Define outcome

marketing tools icon

Step 2: Creative

• Storyboard video
• Develop and personalize content

Hosting cloud icon

Step 3: Hosting

• Host videos on the cloud
• Render personalized videos at scale

Email distribution icon

Step 4: QC & Distribution

•Proof videos
• Send via personalized email

reporting analytics icon

Step 5: Reporting & Analytics

• Provide assessment of post-campaign ROI

Privacy shield

Rigorous privacy protection

We maintain tight control over all aspects of data management, from integrity and validation to processing, integration, and purging.

Let us help you get PRSNL with your clients.
Request a demo of PRSNL today.

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Let us help you get PRSNL with your clients.
Request a demo of PRSNL today.

Steve Livingstone Senior Vice President, Digital

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