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Dynamic experience. All-in-one solution.

Make your content more of an experience with our all-in- one solutions for dynamic, multi-screen digital signage.


Visual of an office front desk with digital screens on the wall.
Visual of an office front desk with digital screens on the wall.

Messages that make them look  

Traditional digital signage is often costly and complex to manage. 

Our solutions go beyond conventional digital to deliver show-stopping experiences that are almost as quick to install as hanging a painting.   


OptiChanl automates the entire workflow.

It begins with location auditing: the ability to query each location’s attributes, then define location-specific campaigns and collateral based on local demographics, psychographics, and physical characteristics—urban vs. rural, mall vs. standalone, number of windows, floor space, shelving, and on and on.

OptiChanl captures every unique attribute, automating the complex calculations required for collateral production and allocation. It’s a complete solution that simplifies merchandising and includes flawless printing, custom kitting, and reliable delivery.

The result? Faster time to market through simpler, shorter cycles that ensure accuracy; lower stress and chaos for retail merchandising staff; and reduced waste from delivering the right POP materials to the right locations.

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High impact

The latest display technology—including wireless, flush-mounted or ½” screens—ensures the best possible colour and viewing angles, with your content looking exactly as you intended.  

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DCM provides all installation and ongoing support, and assets are then easy for you to publish and refresh as needed—no custom content required. You can quickly create playlists, manage users, and adjust permissions.  

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From a single screen to thousands—content can be automatically cascaded across as many touchpoints as you want. Add and remove screens almost effortlessly. 

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Prefer to leverage your legacy screens? Make the most of them with cutting-edge software that gives you all the same ease and simplicity.

Key features

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Fully wireless

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No external equipment needed

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No custom content needed

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See what’s playing live, anytime from anywhere

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Remote troubleshooting & full network/CPU monitoring

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Leverage the apps & services you already use

Let’s take your digital signage to the next level. 

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Let’s take your digital signage to the next level. 

Steve Livingstone Senior Vice President, Digital

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