Email marketing

Make the most of this powerful marketing channel

Reach your customers more effectively through email marketing that combines our full-service digital team with a national print network and in-house marketing agency. 


Young woman checking her email marketing on her mobile phone
Young woman checking her email marketing on her mobile phone

More reach. More ROI.

Email still reigns supreme when it comes to reliable, cost-effective, measurable marketing. Email is everywhere—over 4 billion people use it daily—and it’s still growing.

Whether you’re using it to launch a product, welcome new members, or deepen brand loyalty, let us build and execute an email marketing strategy that maximizes your investment and achieves your goals, but does it more simply through all-in-one support.

What we do

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Develop a strategy

The first step is to define your audience and objectives. Lead-gen? Loyalty? Awareness? Do we need a landing page? Sign-up form? Video link? Our team brings it all together.

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Build your list

Leverage your customer data, or let us build a list from the ground up, with clean, deliverable records segmented for maximum targeting and response.

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Optimize content

From engaging subject lines to SEO-friendly landing pages, we make sure your entire campaign is designed with optimal performance in mind.

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Personalize it

Our decades of 1:1 marketing experience can turn your email into a more meaningful message that has a greater chance of being opened.

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Test and deploy

Your email is tested and refined until it’s just right and ready to go.

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Report and analyze

We track and evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign through detailed reporting and follow-up, determining what to improve in future campaigns.

Email gets results

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Extend your reach

Email is the #1 channel for marketing reach, with billions of people using it every day.

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Control costs

Email offers by far the highest return on your marketing investment, and our email automation will streamline and simplify the whole process. 

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Segment & personalize

Send targeted messages based on age, lifestyle, buying habits, and more—then personalize them to drive click-through and conversion rates.

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Gain insight

Measurable analytics track the performance of your campaign, while letting you gather customer information through forms and landing pages.

Let’s make your next email campaign the best ever.

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Let’s make your next email campaign the best ever.

Sharad Verma Senior Vice President, Strategy & Marketing

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