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Positive Patient ID: The right care, when and where it’s needed

August 28, 2023

Safe, high-quality healthcare begins with efficiency and accuracy

The failure to correctly identify patients causes serious errors related to everything from testing and medication to wrong-person procedures and mistaken discharges. It harms millions of people and costs billions of dollars annually.

PPID technology can dramatically lower the risk of error. Through solutions built around barcoding, scanning, and labelling, clinicians can ensure accurate patient identification at every point of care.


Protecting safety for patients. Instilling confidence in providers.

PPID is vital to patient safety—but it’s also part of maintaining a healthcare team’s credibility and morale.


Instant access to patient & medication data
Connect frontline providers with critical data to reduce wrong-patient medication errors and confusion between similar-sounding drug names.

Facility-wide contact tracing
Combine the power of printers, barcoded wristbands, and scanners for contact tracing across your facility. Notify nearby staff while protecting their privacy.

Proximity alerting
Notify nearby staff of emergencies while protecting their privacy.

Accurate specimen labelling
Print barcode labels when and where data is collected, for accurate identification, tracking, and management of specimen samples.

In-depth reporting
Dashboards and detailed reports provide instant data analysis.


Standing up to tough healthcare conditions

Healthcare environments are demanding, and are tough on tech devices. PPID solutions are specifically built with features like rugged casing, crack-proof screens, tear/smudge-proof surfaces, and long battery life, to ensure they can take it in the toughest conditions.


Specialty printers


Mobile computers

Wristbands – z-bands and laser bands

Supplies – barcode labels, IQ colour labels


Learn how our PPID support has helped Canada’s largest provincial Healthcare provider meet higher standards for PPID care.

Read the case study


DCM provides some of Canada’s largest healthcare organizations with compliant, secure enterprise solutions. Through our highly experienced team and powerful technology, we improve your information systems so you can keep your focus on caring for patients.


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