Not for profit

Simplifying how you tell your story and making your brand stand out

We make reaching donors easier and more impactful
through insightful analytics, strategic creative, and
decades of NFP experience.

+30 years delivering messages that hit home

Data-driven strategy. Creative that begs to be opened. Efficient, timely execution. DCM knows how to deliver the kind of campaigns that make donors stop and look. We also know how much effort you put into every donor acquired and dollar raised.

Supporting Canadaʼs most respected not-for-profit organizations, some for 10 years or more, we create consumer connections that drive action and change. Working to overcome your challenges— low operating margins; smaller teams; growing competition for charitable dollars—we help you reach the right audience with messages that resonate, all as efficiently as possible.

Automate and speed up manual workflows

From segmentation and personalization to managing your digital assets, our techenabled solutions can help you do more with less.

Make donation processing more efficient

Manual processing and fulfillment drive up costs—and the risk of error. Our advanced scanning and extraction can collect and validate hand-written data.

Maintain the cleanest possible data

Successful donor acquisition—and retention —begins with clean data. We make it flawless for the some of the biggest not-forprofits out there.

Ensure laser-focused segmentation

Our in-house digital team can build a geo-targeting strategy based on deep donor profiling and a data-driven outreach approach.

Communicate more strategically

Copy that strikes a chord. Premiums that dial up the engagement. A retail environment that makes every shopping trip special. We think strategically about every donor interaction.

Improve reporting and KPI measurement

Cleaner data and deeper insight help you identify the gaps so you can close them, and do even better next time.

Success stories

Weʼre building a stronger brand for an organization that builds stronger communities.

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Letʼs make your fundraising dollars go further.

Letʼs make your fundraising dollars go further.

Carlo Del Colombo NFP team leader

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    Financial services

    Helping financial institutions drive digital enablement and operational agility


    Streamlining marketing in an increasingly complex, busy shopping landscape

    Emerging markets

    Automating operations and regulatory compliance for leading cultivators

    Healthcare & wellness

    Connecting back-end workflows with front-line care so urgent information is where it needs to be


    Improving efficiency and reducing risk in a tightly regulated market


    Driving efficiency and ensuring consistency to keep guests coming back


    Driving automation and digital efficiency across the communication supply chain


    Communication expertise trusted by Canada’s largest lottery and gaming organizations


    Helping government organizations meet rising demands for efficiency and accountability