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Digital asset management

ASMBL lets you organize and share the assets you depend on daily, with DCM’s full support.


Support your digital assets while we support you.

More files. More channels. More complexity. And a greater risk of error. If you’ve thought about digital asset management but find the idea of adopting and supporting it daunting, meet ASMBL: full DAM functionality with fully managed support—all delivering meaningful benefits to your organization.

  • Drive efficiency & reduce workflow redundancy
    Better collaboration means fewer layers of approval & less search time.
  • Improve consistency & compliance
    Features like version control & metadata tagging tighten governance and brand consistency.  
  • Deepen analytics & insight
    Built-in tools improve measurement and understanding of campaign effectiveness.
  • Increase speed to market & ROI
    Fewer people & streamlined workflows get campaigns to market faster.

Upload and preserve

Store and protect assets on one secure platform.

Centralize and manage

Simplify workflows related to searching and editing.

Share and distribute

Share assets in your preferred format and channel.

Implement with our full support

Get the peace of mind that comes with a team of specialists helping you adopt the technology, train your users, and get ongoing support.

Find out what ASMBL could save you

Use our ROI Calculator to evaluate the return on your investment

A conversation with David Lipsey

Hear first-hand in our conversation with the “father” of digital asset management, David Lipsey, how DAM has evolved, why it’s here to stay, and how every company can benefit from a powerful DAM solution.

Success stories

We’re making life easier for a national tech retailer’s marketing team.

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Let ASMBL overcome your asset management challenges.

Let ASMBL overcome your asset management challenges.

Steve Livingstone Senior Vice President, Digital

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