Digital asset management

ASMBL is a scalable, easy-to-adopt digital asset management system

ASMBL makes it simpler to store, search, and share assets inside and outside your organization.


two coworkers viewing assets
ASMBL. Watch to learn. Two coworkers viewing assets
ASMBL. Watch to learn.

Powerful digital asset management software 

Digital assets are the fuel that drives today’s enterprises—and more organizations are looking for better ways to manage them.

ASMBL organizes all digital content, at all stages of development, no matter what the format or size of file. Through one central platform, files are easier to find, edit, distribute, and control.

  • The most adoptable DAM you’ll find
    Our Adoption Operating Model™ helps maximize your DAM investment by driving uptake across your organization.
  • Intuitive, simple features
    Easily upload, download, and share assets through highly granular searching, built-in version control, smart AI tagging, and more.
  • Scalable & versatile
    ASMBL is a scalable SaaS solution that supports all verticals and departments across your business, and is designed to grow with it.
  • Collaborative & controlled
    ASMBL lets you share assets securely both inside your organization and with specific, authorized groups outside your company, with no login credentials needed.

Key features

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Martech integration

ASMBL seamlessly integrates into your existing systems and processes, rather than just adding to your tech stack.

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Smart AI

Microsoft Azure’s smart AI tagging automatically suggests labels for images, making digital asset management even faster and simpler.

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Helpful shortcuts

Features like quick preview give you instant access to assets without downloading them. View content and copy-paste quickly and easily.

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Role-based permissions

Highly granular permissions let you control content and compliance for internal team members and external partners and agencies.

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A conversation with David Lipsey

Hear first-hand in our conversation with the “father” of digital asset management, David Lipsey, how DAM has evolved, why it’s here to stay, and how every company can benefit from a powerful DAM solution.

A smiling retail marketer discussing DAM features with colleague.

We’re making life easier for a national tech retailer’s marketing team.

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Let ASMBL overcome your asset management challenges.

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Let ASMBL overcome your asset management challenges.

Steve Livingstone Senior Vice President, Digital

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