Kitting & fulfillment 

Get it there the way you intended

From pick & pack services and custom kitting to order fulfillment and loyalty program support, trust our complete kitting & fulfillment services to get your essential marketing kits and communications where they need to be



Accurate. On time. Every time. 

Whether you’re distributing campaign collateral across a network of locations or sending 1:1 welcome kits to new customers or members, depend on our complete kitting & fulfillment services to get the details right and ensure accurate delivery.  

And through the tight integration and ecommerce kitting & fulfillment support of DCMFlex™, you can control the entire marketing process, creating and personalizing collateral; merging your data to build campaigns; and tracking your shipments online. 

We send hundreds of thousands of kits across Canada and the U.S. every year—let us expertly handle yours.  

What we do 

Static and variable kits 

One item. Multiple items. Personalized content. Various locations. Whatever the complexity, we’ll get it right. 

Inventory control  

Complete inventory support and web-enabled tracking means you always know what’s in stock, and that we won’t let you run out. 

Barcode scanning for accuracy 

The right pieces always go into the right package and get to the right place. 

Special finishes & custom assembly

Need products assembled prior to delivery? Looking to add something special, like high-impact inks, soft touch finishes, or add-ons such as Velcro ? Leave it to us. 

Prototypes for testing 

See it all assembled and adjust it as needed so you can be sure it arrives the way you intended. 

Replacement of lost or damaged items 

It rarely happens, but be assured that if it does, replacement material is shipped within 24 hours, anywhere in Canada.  

Healthcare staff discussing mobile solutions.

We’re helping a provincial healthcare authority meet front-line communication needs.

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Let’s talk about your kitting & fulfillment needs. 

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Let’s talk about your kitting & fulfillment needs. 

Jason Sharpe Senior Vice President, Commercial Leadership

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