Location-specific marketing

Smart allocation of marketing collateral

OptiChanl helps you automate complex location-based brick and mortar advertising, including retail marketing and visual merchandising. Improve the efficiency and impact of your collateral and POP materials through smooth, accurate distribution.  


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The right type and quantity of marketing assets in the right location, on time, every time

Relying on manual spreadsheets to get marketing material across many unique locations can be an
exhausting process. It consumes resources and is prone to error—wrong assets, wrong location; too much collateral, or not enough.

OptiChanl automates the entire workflow.

It begins with location auditing: the ability to query each location’s attributes, then define location-specific campaigns and collateral based on local demographics, psychographics, and physical characteristics—urban vs. rural, mall vs. standalone, number of windows, floor space, shelving, and on and on.

OptiChanl captures every unique attribute, automating the complex calculations required for collateral production and allocation. It’s a complete solution that simplifies merchandising and includes flawless printing, custom kitting, and reliable delivery.

The result? Faster time to market through simpler, shorter cycles that ensure accuracy; lower stress and chaos for retail merchandising staff; and reduced waste from delivering the right POP materials to the right locations.

Powerful features

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Location auditing

Location audits generate a detailed 3D model of each store, including all attributes—not just physical, but related demographics too.

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Smart allocation

Intuitive templates use location attributes to simplify complex allocation and automate calculations of total quantities.

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Campaign database

Centralize all marketing activity, with features like filtered searching and the ability to easily replicate campaigns and assets.

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Printing & kitting

Simplify distribution with expert printing and intelligent kitting: View locations, assets, and pack-out details per kit version, calculating variations automatically and generating clear, matrixed reports.

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Location portal

Enable local staff to manage stores more easily through automated purge notifications, reorder updates, shipment tracking, and set-up instructions specific to each store.

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Inventory tracking

Track each individual asset, automating replenishment requests for all locations, and enabling them to review orders and track shipments.

Proven benefits

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Cost savings

More efficiency and less manual input speeds up processes and reduces costly rework.

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Less waste

No more ordering extra “just in case”. You always get the right assets, in the right quantity.

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More strategic planning

Greater oversight and insight across your network help you optimize assets for each location, improving impact and in-store experience.

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Peace of mind

We support every step of your merchandising workflow, removing the complexity and enabling staff to work on higher-value tasks.

Average yearly time savings for a financial services client

80 percent

less time spent executing and distributing campaigns

90 percent

less time spent kitting assets to align with different locations

95 percent

less time lost on incorrect printing, significantly reducing waste

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We’ve helped a tier-one bank achieve marketing simplicity.

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Let’s speed up and simplify your in-store marketing.
Request a demo of OptiChanl today.

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Let’s speed up and simplify your in-store marketing.
Request a demo of OptiChanl today.

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