Automation. Consolidation. Efficiency. Transparency.

Our scale, insight, and robust workflow software make us a proven partner to government organizations at all levels.

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Innovative solutions from a team that understands the business of government

Whether automating tax returns, re-engineering vehicle registration forms, streamlining postal systems, or producing election communication, government organizations are driven by an obligation to make their services widely accessible. At the same time, they’re under mounting pressure to be fiscally and operationally efficient, as well as accountable and secure.

With decades of experience helping governments at all levels automate and transform their operations, DCM understands the inherent challenges of supporting a heavily regulated public-sector environment. Working across all provinces as well as internationally, we are trusted time and again by our government clients to meet unique, highly specific needs with customized solutions that no one else can deliver.

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Streamline and share while maintaining security and compliance

We simplify complex communication processes while overcoming the challenges of regulatory constraints. Our DCMFlex™ workflow software gives frontline users greater control while maintaining regulatory compliance and brand control.

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Scalable services delivered by seasoned professionals

Our national, bilingual team of account managers, customer service specialists, and highly experienced project managers—along with our vast network of partners—is ready to work alongside you, from initial tender to final implementation. You can rely on us, regardless of project size or scope.

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However unique your needs, we’ve got you covered

Government communications and operations often involve specific requirements that call for highly customized equipment and protocols, whether they be specialized printing and processes to prevent fraud, or high-level security clearance to meet privacy legislation. We’re set up to support those systems, and can fine-tune our solutions to provide exactly the right support.

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We balance deep experience with resourcefulness and innovation

A new process. An entirely new program. With either, there may be a lot of exploring and problem-solving alongside development and rollout. We work closely with your team—onsite if needed—to test, refine, and retry until we achieve the best possible results. We collaborate with you every step of the way.

Let’s talk about how to find efficiencies across your organization.

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Let’s talk about how to find efficiencies across your organization.

Denis Chateauvert Transportation team leader

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Financial services

Helping financial institutions drive digital enablement and operational agility

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Streamlining marketing in an increasingly complex, busy shopping landscape

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Emerging markets

Automating operations and regulatory compliance for leading cultivators

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Healthcare & wellness

Connecting back-end workflows with front-line care so urgent information is where it needs to be

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Not for profit

Helping NFPs make every marketing dollar count

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Improving efficiency and reducing risk in a tightly regulated market

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Driving efficiency and ensuring consistency to keep guests coming back

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Driving automation and digital efficiency across the communication supply chain

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Communication expertise trusted by Canada’s largest lottery and gaming organizations

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