About us

DCM: making marketing look like magic

Our mission is to transform your business by simplifying the way you communicate and operate—so you can accomplish more with fewer steps and less effort.

A clear purpose

For decades DCM has worked behind the scenes of large, complex companies to streamline the way they communicate and operate—ultimately helping them achieve more with less time, less effort, and less worry. We currently serve major brands in every vertical through our 16 locations across Canada and the U.S. We are incredibly proud to call 70 of Canada’s top 100 companies our customers.

We integrate seamlessly into our clients’ businesses thanks to our deep understanding of their needs, transformative tech-enabled solutions, and end-to-end service. Whether we’re running technology platforms, sending marketing messages, or managing print pieces, our goal is to make every interaction with us surprisingly simple.


We value people who don’t shy away from change but embrace it. People who see the long-term vision and adapt as needed today, to bring it to fruition tomorrow.


We strive to work smartly. We value the kind of proactive, critical thinking that makes people stop and assess whether there’s a better way of doing things or a clever trick that will get them there faster.


We value the power of diverse thinking and multiple perspectives. We believe magic happens when we put our heads together to make our best ideas even better.


We value real, quantifiable results to measure our success. We are invested in, and we take pride in solving problems with high quality solutions that create genuine impact.


We value our role in society as a large company, and we believe we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our people, our business partners, our investors, and the environment.


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