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How clinical mobility is helping healthcare providers do more

August 17, 2023

Meeting the need to stay informed and tech-enabled
on the go


More hospitals are turning to mobile technology to improve operational efficiency and overcome challenges like burnout and maintaining service quality.

DCM’s complete mobile solutions enable providers to capture and access crucial patient information at the point of care, reducing their need to scramble from one location to another, and speeding up their decision-making.


Connecting providers with the people,
information, and apps they need



Untethered access
Leave clunky desktop devices behind—instantly and securely connect, talk, text, and share images.

Bedside responsiveness
Positively verify a patient; collect or retrieve information; and access records right from the palm of your hand.

Instant collaboration
Connect with the right colleague, right when you need them.

Less alarm fatigue
Send pages, alarms, and notifications directly to individuals or teams, providing a quieter, more healing environment.

Effortless integration
No hassles, headaches, or downtime—our solutions fit right into your existing ecosystems.


Functionality that stands up to the demands of


• Rugged durability
• Intuitive design
• Real-time intelligence and tracking
• Disinfectant-ready
• Secure
• Ready for third-party integration – GPS, barcode scanning, and RFID readers


• Mobile printers
• Tablets
• Scanners
• Mobile computers


DCM provides some of Canada’s largest healthcare organizations with compliant, secure enterprise solutions. Through our highly experienced team and powerful technology, we improve your information systems so you can keep your focus on caring for patients.


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Let’s improve your mobility and empower your team.

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