Customer communications management

More efficient marketing. More visible procurement.

What if you could streamline multichannel marketing while improving the transparency of your supply chain? DCMFlex™ is a simpler customer communication platform that does both.



Coworkers going over communication strategy
DCMFlex. Watch to learn. Coworkers going over communication strategy.
DCMFlex. Watch to learn.

Customer communications management (CCM) made simple

For today’s smaller, leaner marketing and communications teams—more channels; fewer resources; tighter accountability—DCMFlex is the go-to for faster, simpler multichannel marketing.  

DCMFlex is a powerful CCM platform that lets you create customized collateral, execute personalized campaigns, and streamline fulfillment across digital and print, all while keeping brand standards and regulatory content locked down.  

At the same time, it provides a clear line of sight to inventory, usage, and cost—right down to individual brands and lines of business. 


  • Manage assets through a
    central catalogue storefront 
  • Control customization
    with easy design templates 
  • Target content to
    local or specific markets 
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by integrating automatically with 
    systems of record (CRM, accounting) 
  • Set up cost centres 
    by brand or line of business 
  • Empower resources to
    eliminate approval bottlenecks 
  • Shorten turnarounds
    from weeks to days
  • Reduce manual intervention and
    Lower the risk of error
  • Scale the system to
    grow with your business 


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Simple storefront

DCMFlex is an all-in-one customer communication platform for creating and deploying everything from email campaigns and welcome kits to event banners and retail signage. Replicate previous campaigns; monitor usage; generate reports; track costs—and more.

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Full campaign management

Easily merge templated emails with your customer lists to execute campaigns more simply, quickly, and frequently.

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Built-in approvals & compliance

Updates and orders are automatically sent to the designated approver, while templated fine print makes certain the right message goes to the right market.

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Self-serve templates

Create templates that all your marketers and creatives can use to develop collateral and campaigns.

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Data management

Store all your customer and campaign data in one place, so you always know you’re accessing the latest file.

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Flexible integration

Reduce your tech stack rather than add to it: DCMFlex plugs into more than 70 leading business and marketing applications.

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We’ve helped a tier-one bank achieve marketing simplicity.

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Give your team time to do more with DCMFlex.

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Give your team time to do more with DCMFlex.

Steve Livingstone Senior Vice President, Digital

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