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We helped a national lab service provide fast, accurate Covid testing.

DCM designed, executed, and offered strategic support for a COVID-19 testing solution for one of Canada’s largest health-diagnostic providers.

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In the wake of COVID-19, many organizations have had to dedicate significant resources to monitoring population health. Convenient, accurate testing has consequently become a crucial tool in maintaining public safety. A recognized leader in health diagnostics, our client needed a solution for streamlined self-testing and web-based results-gathering. Drawing from a 17-year relationship with DCM, they enlisted our healthcare team to help develop it and bring it to market.


Prior to the pandemic, we had been helping our client produce home-testing kits used to screen for cancer. When our client was engaged to design Covid-testing kits for the Canadian Border Services Agency, DCM played a critical role in the program by:

• Designing all kitting in accordance with rigorous Health Canada specifications
• Creating a solution to allow for visual observation of the testing—a key requirement for maintaining test integrity
• Creating a solution to ensure each kit was traceable
• Establishing protocols to ensure the secure transfer of patient information

The program launched successfully, and DCM currently executes and ships 250+ kits daily. We also provide a daily backfeed of shipments and recipients, after which patients’ records are deleted from our database.


  • Conceptualized, developed and implemented a strategy for a critical at-home Covid testing program
  • Developed compliant, easy-to-use, time-sensitive form factors for testing kits
  • Ensured adherence to strict testing protocols
  • Oversaw program tracking and measurement to refine program execution
  • Ensured a future-proof business model that would serve as a foundation for similar home-testing programs

Let’s improve your healthcare operations.

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Let’s improve your healthcare operations.

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