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What if you could achieve more in fewer steps? Discover the power of DCMFlex™.


Do more with less.

For today’s smaller marketing and communications teams—more channels; fewer resources—DCMFlex is the go-to for getting to market. It lets you create and order customized collateral, and execute personalized campaigns, all while keeping brand standards and regulatory content locked down.

  • Shorten turnarounds
    from weeks to days
  • Centralize assets to
    ensure brand consistency
  • Use easy customization to
    target local or specific markets
  • Empower resources to
    reduce approval bottlenecks
  • Reduce manual intervention and
    lower the risk of error
  • Scale the system to
    grow with your business


DCMFlex is an all-in-one interface for everything from event signage and in-store displays to email campaigns and welcome kits. Replicate previous campaigns; monitor usage; generate reports; track costs—and more.

Full campaign management

Easily merge templated emails with your customer lists to execute campaigns more simply, quickly, and frequently.

Built-in approvals & compliance

Updates and orders are automatically sent to the designated approver, while templated fine print makes certain the right message goes to the right market.

Self-serve templates

Create templates that all your marketers and creatives can use to develop collateral and campaigns.

Data management

Store all your customer and campaign data in one place, so you always know you’re accessing the latest file.

Flexible integration

Reduce your tech stack rather than add to it. DCMFlex plugs into more than 70 leading business and marketing applications.

Success stories

We’ve helped a tier-one bank achieve marketing simplicity.

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Give your team time to do more with DCMFlex.

Give your team time to do more with DCMFlex.

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