David Lipsey interview

DCM discusses the evolution and importance of DAM with one of its founders, David Lipsey.

September 29, 2022

“It is nice how DAM gives us both the opportunity to cascade workflows through and around and about different parts of a company, and also to see a dramatic improvement, even in a short time, in accuracy, and hopefully, efficiency.”

David Lipsey, a founder of the field of digital asset management



Digital asset management (DAM) has evolved from a publishing and content tool to a competitive differentiator for any business, no matter the sector. Digital assets have transformed into digital currency, and DAM is the enabling technology that drives a limitless digital future.

In conversation with David Lipsey, DCM’s Shelly Anwyll, Senior VP, Emerging Markets, uncovers why every company needs to invest in a powerful DAM solution and an experienced DAM partner.


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