Healthcare & wellness

Getting providers and patients the information they need, simply and accurately

Many healthcare workflows revolve around communication. We make the underlying systems and processes more efficient so that information is more accessible.


Improving the connections that improve quality of care

Whether you’re admitting patients or managing your supply chain, you depend on having accurate, up-to-date information. With patients’ well-being ultimately at stake, there is no margin for error. We understand the stakes.

DCM provides some of Canada’s largest healthcare organizations with compliant, secure enterprise communication solutions and clinical forms services. Through a highly experienced team and powerful technology, we improve your information systems so you can focus on caring for patients.

Make your clinical support services more efficient

Simplify data capture and tighten the connection with back-end diagnostics and records management.

Ensure robust, reliable lab, pharmacy and diagnostics systems

Make certain these vital systems take into account needs such as chain of custody and inventory management.

Gain better control of your operations and IT

From patient care to emergency preparedness, get ahead of day-to-day tasks so you can work more strategically.

Maximize the impact of your promotional and foundation communications

Get the best possible ROI by leveraging our decades of experience in healthcare communication strategy and execution.

Success stories

We’re helping a provincial healthcare authority meet front-line communication needs.

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  • Alberta Health Services

Let’s talk about what better marketing looks like for you.

Let’s talk about what better marketing looks like for you.

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