Personalize communications
on a large scale

DCMFlex™ automates personalization, so FIs can customize messages efficiently without compromising brand and regulatory compliance.

Use cases

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Personalization for large sales and agent networks

Your salespeople and advisors need to be able to easily personalize and execute their own campaigns, at their convenience.

But you need to safeguard the brand and ensure regulatory compliance, as well as ease the pressure on Marketing.

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Personalization for multiple locations & LOBs

You need to supply different locations and regions with different content, but you also need to protect your brand.

Giving content owners control over local customization prevents bottlenecks and speeds up execution.

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1:1 communication on a large scale

You need to be able to appeal to customers’ individual needs, interests, language, and other preferences.

But doing that on a large scale is complex, eats up resources, and is prone to error.

DCMFlex delivers personalization
+ powerful workflow automation

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Quickly adjust photos and text via easy-to-use templates

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Switch up offers, products and pricing

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Lock down logos, layout, and regional terms and conditions

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Easily create targeted campaigns that resonate and lift response

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Tighten time to market through more efficiency and less error

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Ensure users access and order only the content they should

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Automatically track inventory and cost

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Reduce approval bottlenecks while maintaining oversight

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Eliminate waste by printing or downloading only what you need

For 60+ years DCM has been helping some of North America’s biggest brands simplify communication and operational complexity. We know that when these processes are simple, your enterprise and teams work better, and you’re able to do more with less, in fewer steps.

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