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Great marketing begins with good data  

Know customers better, reach them in the right channel, and measure your performance with insightful, actionable data analytics.


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Great marketing begins with good data  

Data is the secret sauce behind successful marketing. It provides a deeper understanding of your customer, the ability to personalize communication on a 1:1 basis, and the insight to know what worked and what could be improved next time.


Depend on our team of experts to supercharge your marketing with highly relevant messages, images, and graphics that grab your customers’ attention and compel them to act.

What we do

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Data segmentation

From geotargeting and demographics to behavioural segmentation and psychographic insight on variables such as values and lifestyle, we dig deep to find what makes your customer tick. 

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1:1 marketing

Show them you know them—and there’s no better way to do it than by marketing to them personally through the right combination of data, logic, and design. In addition to direct marketing, we can help you customize your location-based campaigns and create personalized videos.  

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Data integration

No matter how disparate your sources, we transform them into ready-to-use records through validation, cleansing, standardization, duplicate elimination, email validation, address correction, custom data parsing, and National Change of Address (NCOA) services for both Canadian and U.S. records. For email addresses, recipient and domain validation is also available.    

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Database deployment

From concept to modelling to design and implementation, we work with you to create a database that generates the business analytics specific to your business goals, marketing needs, and potential users. 

Do more with your data.

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Do more with your data.

Sharad Verma Senior Vice President, Strategy & Marketing

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