Regulatory Communications
Regulatory Communications


In markets where there's a lot of change and very little room for error, we've got your back.


Companies in sectors like energy and financial services operate in heavily regulated markets with rapidly changing information. Different markets have different regulations, and customers in each typically receive a wide array of communications, from welcome letters to billing statements.



DCM enables clients to meet these challenges using a robust web-based solution that streamlines communication while keeping it accurate and timely.

When it has to be right...

DCM helps clients meet the challenges of communicating in tightly-regulated markets through a platform that:

  • Automates all outbound communications
  • Manages all SLAs, including terms & conditions, logos, office information and disclaimers
  • Provides on-demand access to customer material


Clients send one file daily, and we handle the rest: address and email verification, data parsing, and automatic printing and emailing. Despite rapid, simultaneous regulatory changes across multiple markets, clients are able to: 

  • Mitigate risk through correctly branded and segmented communications
  • Realize cost-savings through reduced reliance on internal resources
  • Quickly scale to support new markets and accommodate thousands of universal changes
  • Shorten turnarounds: processes that once took 7 to 10 days are completed in hours
  • Centralize communication
  • Free up resources to win business, not merely keep up with it


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