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Strategic communications partnership simplifies vendor management and increases speed to market for Chatters

The Challenge:

For many retailers, there comes a point in their business planning when they must decide to either remain small or take the leap and commit to expansion. For Chatters, a hair salon chain and Canada’s largest retailer of professional hair-care products, that point came a few years ago. The company made a conscious decision to shift from a small-business to an enterprise mindset—and its marketing needed to follow suit. Chatters was steadily increasing its number of locations in Canada; however, multiple print vendors, complex processes, and new technology implementations were making it difficult to execute national campaigns and reinforce the Chatters brand in salons across the country.

The Solution:

DCM was selected through a competitive RFP process to provide comprehensive, enterprise-wide marketing services and oversee all warehousing, kitting and distribution.  Empowered by DCM solutions, Chatters is now able to quickly customize and order brand compliant collateral on-demand, as well as ensure that every campaign meets the unique requirements of over 100 individual stores nation-wide.

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