I have to juggle changing government regulations, tax reforms, staffing issues, and limited budgets, but my biggest challenge is fundraising: I need to recruit more new donors and get them giving on a monthly basis.

DCM knows what it really costs to raise a dollar. We have worked with leading not-for-profit organizations across North America for over 30 years, so we understand the challenges you face enlisting and nurturing advocates. Our data-driven communications solutions will build and retain your donorship, make the most of your budget, and ensure you maintain regulatory compliance at all times. As your communications partner, we will help you:

Building strong connections with your donors and keeping them engaged is a vital part of effecting lasting social change. It means telling your story in the right way at the right time and place—a significant challenge with today’s fractured audience journey, not to mention your ever-tightening budgets, overburdened staff, and increasing competition for charitable dollars. Efficiency and effectiveness are more important than ever.

With our extensive not-for-profit experience, DCM can help you make the most of your stories with compelling communications across every channel and touchpoint. Using our proprietary Donor Retention Engine, we will segment your data, derive powerful analytics, and identify new opportunities to garner larger, more regular contributions from your existing donor base.

Once the most strategic course of action is determined, we will develop innovative donation solutions and bring them to life through direct mail, digital marketing, and in- and out-of-store executions. Wherever your potential and current donors live, DCM can help you reach them, grow their contributions, and drive advocacy for the change you seek.

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Thought leadership helps children’s rights charity ensure more income tax receipts reach the right donors

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