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Compliant communications provide energy services with a steadying hand in a volatile market

The Challenge:

In a tightly regulated market like energy, every regulatory change can instigate a ripple effect on an energy provider’s marketing communications—from welcome letters and environmental labels to statements and promotions. Compounding this challenge is the fact that every market has its own set of regulations, which can change regularly and quickly.

DCM works with a range of providers, each serving a diverse base of commercial and residential consumers across various markets and regions.
Faced with market volatility and complex service level agreements (SLAs), these providers wanted a solution that would:

1. Mitigate risk — by ensuring accurate, correctly branded and segmented communications

2. Scale to size — by quickly supporting new markets

3. Lessen the strain on staff — freeing them up to focus on more strategic work

4. Shorten time-to-market — through more automated, nimble processes that get deliverables out the door faster

5. Operate on one platform — through all-in-one-place communication access

The Solution:

Combining our long experience serving the energy industry with our robust One-Touch Brand Management portal, we ensure energy providers meet all five of these requirements by automating all outbound communications, managing all SLAs—including terms and conditions, logos, office information, and disclaimers—and providing on-demand access to consumer material. Our clients simply send one file daily, and we handle address verification, email verification, data parsing, and automatic printing/emailing.

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