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Consumer health provider achieves cost savings—and clinical excellence

The Challenge:

For the millions of Canadians who require them every year, laboratory tests can be crucial to maintaining a good quality of life. Whether helping to diagnose, treat, monitor, or prevent disease, these tests must meet the highest levels of clinical excellence. Achieving these standards is of paramount concern for consumer health providers—as is the development of new technologies to connect patients with their results and track their overall health. However, these pursuits can be costly and complex undertakings. So when a major Canadian laboratory network—performing over 112 million lab tests annually—was tasked with reducing costs while maintaining the same level of patient care, it looked to DCM to help.

The Solution:

With a 12+ year relationship as the laboratory network’s trusted provider of labels, forms and marketing collateral, DCM was in a unique position to help our client identify new cost savings initiatives. Leveraging our extensive experience in the consumer health industry and Channel Audit and Optimization capabilities, DCM conducted audits of our client’s varying processes. Upon completing the evaluation, we worked alongside our client to standardize their products and reduce their number of vendors.

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