Content & Workflow Management
Content and Workflow Management


We deliver tools and processes that make your business and marketing communications work better.


DCM offers an array of content and workflow management solutions to make your document processes more efficient. From e-forms that streamline data capture and sharing to robust platforms for collaboration and print-on-demand, we work with clients' marketing and operations teams to increase communications efficiency while lowering costs and improving oversight.

Marketing Campaign Management

Marketing Campaign Management is an easy-to-use portal that lets marketers work collaboratively with agencies, suppliers and project managers to plan, budget, create and execute campaigns.

MCM enables users to create briefs, assign tasks, manage files and track time, all against clearly listed job specs and deadlines. Features like collaborative proofing, real-time updates, cost management and detailed reporting help simplify and streamline campaign execution.

Retail Campaign Management

DCM's retail campaign management solution reduces the effort needed to plan, create and execute retail promotions.

Through features like unique store profiles (USPs), flexible task and workflow scheduling, and historical campaign access, retailers benefit from more automated, streamlined execution that minimizes the risk of error.

And we support it with national warehousing, distribution, put-up and take-down, so you can focus on achieving results without being bogged down by logistics.


Digital print-on-demand (POD) production provides small-run flexibility that lets you try out and test communications without running the risk of piles of material sitting on warehouse shelves.

POD also offers the benefit of direct e-ordering using DATA's robust web-to-print platform. Simple catalogue menus and thumbnail browsing let users select, customize and order approved material, ensuring locked-down branding while providing usage and cost oversight.

Variable Composition

DCM’s variable composition system (VCS) enables you to simply and quickly create dynamic brochures, booklets and kits, all fully branded and customized for a variety of audiences.

Using a web browser and secure login, users can:

  • Combine various files (i.e. Word docs, PDFs, JPEGs, etc.)
  • Reorder components in the document
  • Proof documents online
  • Prepare files for print or digital download
  • Send files directly to DATA for print
  • Have finished products shipped straight to clients or employees

E-forms & e-presentment

From digital invoices that improve payment tracking and shorten billing cycles, to Smartform technology that enhance communication access for customers, we help you gain the many benefits of paper digitization and process automation.

Digital Asset Management

Our secure DAM platform enables users to locate and share brand assets quickly and easily. All-in-one-place access simplifies storage while helping to maintain consistency.

5 secrets to Launching a Successful Retail Marketing Campaign!

5 secrets to Launching a Successful Retail Marketing Campaign!

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