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Manulife Financial generates new leads with highly personalized communications

The Challenge:

To build trusted relationships with their clients, financial advisors spend significant time and effort getting to know them. So when Manulife wanted to incent its national network of advisors to grow its financial products, the company knew they needed to communicate to advisors in the same way they communicate with clients themselves: personally and responsively. Seeking a partner that could create such a compelling marketing campaign, Manulife engaged DCM.

The Solution:

Working with our client, DCM developed and managed a highly customized campaign that used triggered communications to give advisors a personal, response-driven experience. Rolled out in a phased approach, the campaign involved multiple ads for web and print with different calls-to-action that triggered communications based on the responses.

Leading the process, our digital team created a funnel to gather the names of all interested advisors, and then inputed the leads in our Multimedia Campaign Management engine, which in turn drove them through various channels. In order to optimize each channel’s performance, we built an online dashboard that enabled Manulife’s marketing team to see live reports and download lead-reports for sharing on its other communication platforms.

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