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Innovative design transforms a flat, legacy product display into an easy-to-use showcase for success for Mark’s.

The Challenge:

How do you get a shopper to stop and consider an innovation to a product, when the category itself is not typically considered innovative?

That was the challenge Mark’s was facing when they were launching a new line of industrial footwear featuring a new technology. In fact, that was just one part of a three-part challenge: the second obstacle was that they needed to display the footwear on an existing and immoveable racking system that was difficult to assemble. The third obstacle was that it needed to be assembled and disassembled on an ongoing basis by their existing staff—Mark’s couldn’t bring in skilled labour every time they needed to use it.

The Solution:

Mark’s engaged DCM to create an innovative, easy-to-assemble display system that had real stopping power and could live in both the footwear and industrial work-wear departments. Working together, we developed a magnetic styrene display with E-flute corrugate shelves. Durable enough to hold actual product, it could last for up to six months and utilize the store’s existing footprint and hardware accessories as its foundation.

During our testing phase, we determined the exact positioning of these pieces on the rack ends, so store staff had a simple roadmap that made set-up and takedown easy.

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