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Customer loyalty management expertise empowers Air Canada’s frequent flier program to spread its wings

The Challenge:

In the highly competitive and price-sensitive airline industry, customer loyalty is key. Recognizing frequent fliers with personalized rewards and upgrades is a great way to keep them coming back, but the process is labour-intensive, the turnaround is fast, and maintaining accuracy is essential. It’s a massive undertaking that can be difficult to get off the ground, let alone to do it well. That’s why Air Canada turned to DCM when it needed help managing a customer loyalty program for its top fliers. The airline wanted to enable these fliers to select their rewards online and receive them at their door promptly—a process that resulted in hundreds of thousands of packages that needed to be assembled and shipped to customers within just 10 weeks.

The Solution:

To deliver the right rewards to the right customers quickly without compromising quality, we developed an efficient and cost-effective strategy that combined our expert knowledge with state-of-the-art technology. Taking over management at every stage of the process with our One-Touch Brand Management solution, we now oversee planning and collaboration, data processing and analysis, document management, document prep and setup, printing, collating, assembling, packaging and shipping.

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