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BMO shrinks costs and complexity while expanding its enterprise communication program across North America

The Challenge:

When BMO wanted to expand its enterprise communication management system, it faced a cluster of daunting challenges. Firstly, the expansion included all lines of business—from personal banking and commercial banking to capital markets, wealth management, and mortgages. Secondly, it had to be cascaded into the US market too. Lastly, the expansion had to encompass direct mail, commercial print, and financial print—services provided by 119 different suppliers at the time. Seeking an easier solution, BMO turned to DCM, its trusted forms supplier of several decades.

The Solution:

After conducting an end-to-end analysis of BMO’s print production, DCM recommended our Comprehensive Commercial Print solution, a single point of contact that simplified all aspects of the bank’s print needs. Handling prepress, press and postpress, this solution enabled BMO to maintain rigorous control of its design, procurement, warehousing and fulfillment processes across all North American business lines and all retail bank locations. DCM now manages over 5,000 digital and printed products for BMO, including forms, statements, letterhead, marketing collateral, direct mail, and financial reports.

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