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Print shop audit empowers the City of Calgary to do more with less

The Challenge:

Running a print shop can be a costly and labour-intensive undertaking. Along with physical premises, it requires dedicated staff, ongoing supply provisioning, and expensive hardware investment and maintenance. So when the equipment in the City of Calgary’s in-house print shop approached the end of its lease, the City considered outsourcing its operations and engaged DCM to conduct a cost-benefit analysis.

The Solution:

Upon completion of the analysis, the results indicated it would be more cost-effective to close the print shop, reassign its five-person staff, and migrate its requirements to DCM’s One-Touch Brand Management solution, which enables the City’s users to order printed materials quickly and easily online. City staff were encouraged to register for the system, and three days of training were scheduled at various City locations. In addition, twice-daily pick-up and delivery schedules were implemented. The solution has since expanded to include data processing and mail; projects can now be prepared by City staff and then queued at DCM for printing as well as mailing.

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