WE helps parents overcome challenges of home-schooling & mental well-being

One of the biggest hurdles of the COVID-19 quarantine has been faced by parents of school-age children: How to keep them occupied, engaged, and generally well during the stress of the pandemic.

WE offers a program called WE School @home that provides free online tools and resources to complement and support at-home learning. Developed for Grades K through 12, this weekly lesson package includes interactive and experiential curriculum-based resources, materials and lesson plans with an emphasis on well-being, social and emotional learning, service-learning and fostering resiliency. Twenty minutes in length, each lesson is taught by a certified teacher, and provides grade-specific instruction, with activities and challenges for students to complete afterwards.

There’s also a daily, live online show WE Schools Live, every day at 1 PM EST streaming @WEMOVEMENT on Facebook. This online show is designed to engage students in learning, find community connection and promote well-being. Featuring inspiring guests, experts, teachers, celebrities and more, each day tackles a different, relevant theme and includes curated resources, videos and learning tools.

In addition, the WE Well-being program provides mental-wellness resources for both children and adults, with videos, sharable social media graphics, and downloadable fact sheets on topics such as “10 ways to lift a mood”, “How to practice resilience”, and “Handling the unexpected”.

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DCM partners with WE to support literacy-related initiatives that make books more accessible and encourage reading. Research shows that 25% of households in Canada don’t have a single book, while 30% of grade 3 students lack basic literacy skills. Yet literacy is life-changing: Household income for individuals with a literacy level of 4 or 5 is 70% higher than those at level 1.

To learn more about our partnership with WE, email dcmliteracy@datacm.com.