The results are in: Our digital strategy and client commitment are paying off

Chief Revenue Officer Phil Hammond shares the highlights of our 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey

DCM has completed its 2021 customer satisfaction survey, and we couldn’t be more pleased to pass along some of the highlights. The positive—and candid—feedback we received from our customers is especially meaningful given the significant impact of the pandemic on all businesses, along with our own transformative shift to digital first.

The responses from customers, and the fact that a growing number are adopting our tech-enabled solutions, tell us we’re aligned with their marketing needs, and are helping them adapt and thrive in increasingly complex marketing environments

Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity to do things better: I personally have reviewed every response, and we’re now working as a team to take the necessary steps to improve our performance, not only in areas of concern but across the board.

We gratefully appreciate every response, and the time taken to provide it. Because of the willingness of our customers to engage:

  • DCM’s response rate was 15% higher than average
  • Our engagement rating was 77% compared to an average rating of 60%
  • DCM’s survey results classify us as having “Engagement Expert” status

In the survey were a number of attributes identified as being important to customers; the following three are where DCM was rated the strongest:

  • Dependability
  • Uncomplicated
  • Responsiveness

These are areas where DCM was encouraged to apply focus:

  • Forward Thinking
  • Empathy
  • Predictability

Here’s some of what our customers told us:

  • “I deal with many vendors in my position and DCM truly belongs in the top echelon in terms of performance and support.”
  • “There has not been a solution suggested by DCM that did not satisfy our client. Good job.”
  • “DCM is a model for partnership in our company.”

Customer feedback, positive and otherwise, is critical to every company’s ability to improve. We at DCM will be acting on these results, and will use them as a new benchmark for next year’s survey.

Phil Hammond,

Chief Revenue Officer