Power Up Athlete: Jessica Porvasnik

Spirited Competition

Jessica Porvasnik discovered golf at the young age of 12 thanks to an enthusiastic aunt and grandfather. It was love at first play. “I played other sports, but there was something about golf that energized me,” says the Ohio native. “It’s the desire to improve, the measurements of success, the competitive environment, and the test of my mental toughness as well as my physical ability. I love being challenged by nature as well as others playing the game.” That love of challenge has fuelled Jessica’s ambition—and it helped her make the cut last summer at a major LPGA tournament in Toledo, where she competed against some of the best players in the world. It has also earned her a DCM Power Up Bursary.

She says winning the bursary has been a major source of inspiration for her. “Thank you for making this bursary available to all who are pursuing the same interests and career as I am,” she says. “It’s amazing to see DCM and the PGA of Canada’s willingness to grow the women’s side of the game. You don’t see this anywhere else.”

She also applauds the PGAC’s efforts to improve the game. “I respect the rules of golf and am a keen advocate of improving pace of play. I mentioned this when I won the DCM PGA of Canada Women’s Championship in 2018. I was impressed with how the PGA of Canada managed pace of play in 2018 and again in 2019.” She shot her career best at the 2019 tournament, finishing second.

“My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic, competitive spirit, and a desire to be the best I can be in whatever interests I choose to pursue,” she says. “I’m determined to keep pushing myself, and grateful to have DCM’s support as I continue to grow.”

Thank you, Jessica, for bringing your infectious enthusiasm to the game; we’re delighted to have you as a passionate Power Up ambassador.

Jessica’s championship highlights:

  • 2019DCM PGA Women’s Championship – 2nd (shot a career best of 64)
  • 2019Florida Women’s Open Championship
  • 2018DCM PGA Women’s Championship
  • 2018Ohio Women’s Open champion
  • 2017Ohio Women’s Open champion
  • 2014Qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open at Pinehurst
  • 3 Big Ten championships – Ohio State University

Follow Jessica:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessica.porvasnik

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessicaporvasnik/?hl=en     

About the Power Up Bursary 

Driven by DCM’s commitment to women’s professional development, the Power Up Bursary significantly boosts the careers of female golfers on the brink of LPGA Tour status by providing them with financial assistance, increased player visibility, training and skill development, sponsorship coaching, and marketing.

We are proud to have the continued support of our Power Up partners:

  • TSN host Natasha Staniszewski provides expert media and personal brand training.
  • RBC educates athletes on managing their money.
  • Adidas Golf Canada provides winners with apparel and footwear.

Learn more about the DCM Power Up Bursary on the PGA website.

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