Power Up Athlete: Casey Ward

Game-Changing Vision

Casey Ward is on a mission to spread “the joy of golf”, and she has a clear vision for accomplishing it. “We need to shift how people see the sport, how they interact with instruction, and how we foster and maintain a love of the game,” she says.

“My goal is to provide a model of instruction and coaching that goes beyond simply technical and encompasses scientific, physical, mental, and experiential approaches,” says the DCM Power Up Bursary recipient. “I want to create experiences and programming that not only promote player development, but also connection and fun.”

Promoting development of promising female golfers is the key driver behind the DCM Power Up Bursary. Casey is looking forward to the support it will provide. “The multi-faceted benefits of the bursary, including business and brand training, will provide me with tools to better execute my vision,” she says.

That vision includes improving her technique. “I want to expand my knowledge of the golf swing and its biomechanics, as well as learn from those who are approaching the game differently and having a positive impact on participation.”

For Casey, a primary objective is ensuring everyone who plays golf enjoys it, whether their end goal is to lower their score, improve their health, or become part of a community. Casey believes that increasing enjoyment drives player satisfaction and encourages more participation in the sport.

“The traditional model of golf instruction emphasizes technical proficiency and doesn’t effectively foster the growth of golfers or the industry in general,” she says. Casey has a deep appreciation for the physiology and psychology of golf: She combines her technical expertise with a Masters of Kinesiology, specializing in Biomechanics from California State University Fullerton. As a result, she possesses both theoretical knowledge and practical application in many areas of high-performance sport, including motor learning, sports psychology, exercise physiology, and strength and conditioning.

“I am fortunate to have the unique opportunity to view the golf industry through the eyes of a scientist, a player, and a golf professional,” she says.

We’re fortunate to have a visionary like Casey working to grow the game and make it more accessible to others.

Casey’s championship highlights:

  • 2019 CP Women’s Open
  • 2019 Women’s PGA Cup – represented Canada
  • 2018 PGA of Canada Apprentice Professional of the Year
  • 2015 U.S. Women’s Mid-Amateur – medalist honors
  • 2015 Ontario Ladies Mid-Amateur champion
  • 1st club championship, Picton Golf & Country Club

Follow Casey:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caseywardgolf/

LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/casey-ward-84a25aa6

Twitter: https://twitter.com/caseywardgolf

About the Power Up Bursary 

Driven by DCM’s commitment to women’s professional development, the Power Up Bursary significantly boosts the careers of female golfers on the brink of LPGA Tour status by providing them with financial assistance, increased player visibility, training and skill development, sponsorship coaching, and marketing.

We are proud to have the continued support of our Power Up partners:

  • TSN host Natasha Staniszewski provides expert media and personal brand training.
  • RBC educates athletes on managing their money.
  • Adidas Golf Canada provides winners with apparel and footwear.

Learn more about the DCM Power Up Bursary on the PGA website.

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