Power Up Athlete Athlete: Elizabeth Tong

Winning Savvy

Elizabeth Tong knows how to come up clutch when it counts: After a year of working hard to improve her results, she shot a 67 in the Garden City Charity Classic in Kansas—her final stop on the 2019 Symetra Tour. “It felt great to finally do it and have a positive end to the year,” she says.

Now, with a DCM Power Up Bursary supporting her, she can build on that success with the help of the bursary’s financial and marketing assistance. “It can be discouraging to know you’ve made many cuts over the course of the season, but still don’t have enough money to support yourself,” she explains. “As I continue to pursue a career on the LPGA Tour, it’s so valuable to have more financial help, as well as the other benefits of the bursary. It makes me feel more confident in my ability to achieve my goals.”

A graduate of marketing at Indiana University, Tong has a keen sense of the interplay between marketing communications, technology, and business operations. “I understand the role DCM plays in the business world in terms of creating solutions for companies that require additional tools or knowledge to execute a communication strategy,” she says. “It’s similar to what Power Up can do for a professional golfer like me: My goal is to pursue an LPGA career, but I don’t necessarily have all the financial support and other tools I need to successfully attain my goal. So DCM has stepped in to help create a solution.”

For the season ahead, Elizabeth is striving to gain LPGA status and a top-35 finish on the Symetra Tour. In fact, she’s looking to shoot below par in at least half her games.

We can’t wait to see this ambitious Power Up athlete hit her mark.

Elizabeth’s championship highlights:
  • 2017 Symetra Tour IOA Championship – T11th
  • 2016 Symetra Tour Championship – T9th
  • 2014 U.S. Women’s Open
  • 2013 Las Vegas Collegiate Showdown – T1st
Follow Elizabeth:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lizabeth_tong/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lizabeth_tong/

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-tong-8b0b044a

Personal website: www.etonggolf.weebly.com

About the Power Up Bursary

Driven by DCM’s commitment to women’s professional development, the Power Up Bursary significantly boosts the careers of female golfers on the brink of LPGA Tour status with financial assistance, increased player visibility, training and skill development, sponsorship coaching and marketing.

We are proud to have the continued support of our Power Up partners:

  • TSN host Natasha Staniszewski provides expert media and personal brand training.
  • RBC educates athletes on managing their money.
  • Adidas Golf Canada provides winners with apparel and footwear.

Learn more about the DCM Power Up Bursary on the PGA website.

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