Let’s Help Female Golfers Crush It

While there’s no shortage today of passionate, skilled female golfers, they often can’t get the support and funding they need to play the game professionally. Limited purses and a lack of resources can be enough to sink any LPGA aspirations.

To help change that, DCM has taken a leadership role in women’s golf as title sponsor of the PGA Women’s Championship of Canada.We’ve also established a bursary to help talented women golfers pursue their LPGA dreams.                                                       

DCM President and CEO Greg Cochrane is an avid player and supporter of the game, and wants to see the gender gap closed. He sees the sponsorship as a win-win situation. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to support young female professional golfers on their journey to success, while showcasing our brand and entertaining our customers along the way.”     

The Power Up Bursary Program further supports women golfers through financial assistance, increased player visibility, training and skill development, sponsorship coaching, and marketing and PR training.

The program’s inaugural year, 2018, has seen five promising golfers receive the bursary:  Canadians Jennifer Ha, Hannah Hellyer, Valérie Tanguay and Selena Costabile, along with Sandra Angulo Miñarro of Mexico.

Founded in partnership with PGA Canada, the Power Up Bursary is another way DCM gives back while supporting equality and diversity, and helping talented professionals achieve their goals. As Greg Cochrane says: “We believe DCM support can make a difference for many of these professional athletes wanting to reach their goals of playing and winning on the LPGA Tour.”