Improving Literacy To Change Lives

The DCM-WE Holiday Book Drive has just wrapped up, and with more than 4,000 books collected and donated by DCM employees, we can’t wait to see them delivered to charities ranging from local libaries and book banks to community shelters and the YWCA.

The book drive is our second this year, and it’s one of the ways we proudly support literacy in partnership with WE. Known for its ability to empower people and drive change, WE is passionate about promoting education and literacy. Worldwide, it has built over 1,000 schoolrooms, providing 200,000 students with quality schooling. And in Canada, WE educational programming is in over 7,000 schools across the country.

We recognize literacy is a life-changing skill—one that can make or break a child’s future. Yet research shows that 25% of households in Canada don’t have a single book, and 30% of grade 3 students lack basic literacy skills.

In partnership with WE, DCM seeks out opportunities to encourage children to read. We also recognize the crucial role literacy plays in empowering women, helping to break down socio-economic barriers that can limit their independence.

Making books more accessible through our book drives gets us closer to achieving these goals.

To learn more about our book drives and our partnership with WE, email us at