DCM Power Up Athlete Ready To Take On 2019

Sandra Miñarro’s exceptional golf skills earned her a DCM Power Up Bursary in 2018. Now, as she gets into the swing of the 2019 season, she reports that the bursary’s many benefits have given her the support and freedom to fully focus on her game.

“Having more financial stability means I can sign up early and be better prepared for tournaments,” says Miñarro. “And the social media mentoring I received was really valuable – I’ve learned how to use social media to my advantage and create a stronger personal brand.”

Social media support is just one of the advantages that come with the Power Up Bursary – an annual award given to promising female golfers on the brink of LPGA status. Recipients benefit from financial assistance; increased player visibility; training and skill development; sponsorship coaching; and marketing and PR training.

“There is a significant gender gap in this sport that can often hinder the careers of even the most talented, hardworking female golfers,” says DCM President Greg Cochrane. “Power Up boosts their careers and gives them more opportunities to succeed through much-needed financial assistance and professional development.” In addition to the bursary, DCM is also the lead sponsor of the DCM PGA Women’s Championship of Canada.

Sandra Miñarro started playing golf at a young age in her native Mexico. With the help of a senior caddy at a nearby club, she was soon playing at tournaments across the country. At 18, she was offered a golf scholarship at Campbell University in North Carolina. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business in 2011, but had already decided she wanted to pursue a career in golf.

“My number-one goal is getting my LPGA card,” she says determinedly. “And now with the support of the bursary, I’m able to practice with more quality – I’m paying close attention to my fitness and nutrition, and am playing more efficiently. I’m looking at the long term.”

We are too, Sandra.

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