DCM Drives Success For Female Golfers

DCM is proud to once again celebrate the best of the best in women’s golf at the 2019 DCM PGA Women’s Championship taking place July 2-4. As lead sponsor of this landmark event, DCM is striving to foster career and athletic excellence in women.

“We believe DCM can make a difference for many of these professional athletes wanting to reach their goals of playing and winning on the LPGA Tour,” says Greg Cochrane, President and CEO of DCM. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to support young female professional golfers on their journey to success.”

The PGA Championship was first established in 1987, and has played host to some of golf’s most talented female players, including Lorie Kane, Brooke Henderson, Alena Sharp, Cathy Sherk, Gail Graham, Nancy Harvey, and Jessica Shepley. DCM become the lead sponsor in 2017.

The company also provides substantial support to players through the DCM Power Up Bursary, an annual award that significantly boosts the careers of promising female golfers through financial assistance; increased player visibility; training and skill development; sponsorship coaching; and marketing and PR training.

The bursary’s inaugural year, 2018, has seen five stellar golfers receive it: Canadians Jennifer HaHannah HellyerValérie Tanguay and Selena Costabile, along with Sandra Angulo Miñarro of Mexico.

The DCM PGA Championship 2019 takes place July 2-4 at the Ladies Golf Club of Toronto. Meet the 2018 winner: Jessica Porvasnik.