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DATA Communications Management Corp. Announces Rights Offering and Stand-By Commitment to Raise Gross Proceeds of Up to $4.95 Million

Brampton, Ontario – November 27, 2019 – DATA Communications Management Corp. (TSX: DCM) (“DCM” or the “Company”), a leading provider of marketing and business communication solutions to companies across North America, announced that it will conduct an offering (the “Rights Offering”) of rights (the “Rights”) to acquire common shares of the Company (“Common Shares”) to raise gross proceeds of up to $4.95 million.

Details of the Rights Offering

Pursuant to the rights offering notice (the “Notice of Rights Offering”) and the rights offering circular (the “Rights Offering Circular”) filed by DCM with Canadian securities regulatory authorities, each eligible registered shareholder of the Company resident in Canada holding Common Shares as at 5:00 p.m. (Toronto time) on December 2, 2019 (the “Record Date”) will be entitled to participate in the Rights Offering. Eligible holders of Common Shares will receive one Right for each Common Share held. No fractional Rights will be issued. Each Right will entitle the holder to subscribe for one Common Share at the subscription price of $0.23 per Common Share (the “Basic Subscription Privilege”). Shareholders who fully exercise their Rights under the Basic Subscription Privilege will also be entitled to subscribe for additional Common Shares, on a pro rata basis, if available, as a result of unexercised Rights prior to the Expiry Time (the “Additional Subscription Privilege”), subject to certain limitations as set out in the Company’s Rights Offering Circular.