First point of in-store contact. Full supply-chain tracking. Either way, labelling solutions are about a lot more than labels.


From integrated forms/labels GPS/RFID tracking solutions to custom applications and prime-label packaging, we can apply any specifications to meet your Labels and Automated ID Solutions.

Barcodes & RFID

Our expertise in barcoding, RFID and RTLS (real-time location systems) helps improve efficiency and safety in verticals like retail (supply-chain management), health care (patient, medication and asset tracking; script fraud), manufacturing (inventory management) and transportation (real-time tracking).

automated id solutions

Our services include:

  • Software — label design, custom applications, integrated label/smart forms
  • Hardware — barcode scanners, terminals, printers, mobile/tablets
  • Support — consulting, site surveys, installation, training, ongoing service

Variable imaging

Our variable labels support a wide range of applications including:

  • Retail — shelf labels and talkers, Rx labels, thermal labels
  • Logistics & supply chain — thermal/direct-thermal printers, line matrix, laser printers, shipping labels
  • Manufacturing — identification, shipping & receiving, product labels
  • Health Care — laboratory, thermal/direct-thermal printers, wristband printers, form-labels, specialty labels
  • Transportation — form labels, speciality labels (i.e. postal/courier), thermal/direct thermal printers, line matrix, laser printers
  • Direct mail — marketing and custom promotion labels; specialty treatments like hot foil

Primary Labels

We provide primary-labelling services in:

  • Retail – Private labels, promotion, marketing
  • Food – Product identification, brand labels, product traceability, food & drug facts, tamper evidence, print-on-demand/short-run, date-stamp
  • Beverage – clear and 'no-label' labelling, white and metalized labels, micro-thin films
  • Manufacturing – compliance and brand labels
  • Durable goods, industrial, chemical – WHMIS, hazard and drum labelling; outdoor & waterproof labels; lawn, garden and appliance labelling
  • Health & beauty - packaging, nutraceutical
  • Co-packers – bottlers, fillers, product branding
  • Promotional – NewsNotes, coupons, peel-back/peel-and-reveal, hot foil

Brand Protection & Security

Our intelligent labelling includes advanced security features such as:

  • Holographic films
  • Taggents
  • Shadow printing
  • VIP – codes, online imaging


  • Barcode scanners
  • Mobile terminals
  • Laser and thermal printers
  • Mobility solutions
  • Tablets
  • Label applicators
 5 secrets to Launching a Successful Retail Marketing Campaign!

5 secrets to Launching a Successful Retail Marketing Campaign!

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