Data Management and Analytics Services
Data Management and Analytics Services


Target customers. Inform operational decision-making. Optimize your spend.


Whether you want to find your best customers and strengthen their loyalty, or close the gaps in your communication supply chain, our data management and analysis — cleansing, analyzing, profiling, modelling — drives efficiency, response, and revenue.

Data management

From national direct-mail programs to triggered email and personalized landing pages, we help you maximize direct-marketing impact and spend through effective data management that includes:

Data integration & merge-purge — we combine and de-dupe lists from multiple sources to drive better targeting and marketing spend.

Data cleansing & optimization — we identify, correct and append addresses through Canada Post’s National Change of Address (NCOA) service and databases such as Universe Canada™ and Info-Direct™.


Data analytics

We help you target customers in ways that matter to them through:

Profiling — identifying best customers using factors ranging from social demographics and affluence to age and stage of life.

Modeling — estimating probability (i.e. possible responders, likely upsell opportunities, at-risk customers) to inform decision-making and optimize spend.

Post-campaign analysis — getting in-depth, channel-specific reporting on campaign response.

Trade-area analysis — locating customers’ proximity to retail locations using factors like drive-time analysis, distance-decay modelling and postal-walk ranking.

Process improvement

We use data not only to increase marketing impact but also to improve operations. That includes everything from content creation tools that empower frontline staff and eliminate bottlenecks, to digitizing paper transactions and improving information access, as well as inventory management that prevents stock-outs and allows for bundled distribution. By collecting data at different stages of the communication lifecycle, we can streamline workflows and drive down costs.



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