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[Supergraphic] The Brave New World of Marketing Technology


Marketers, if you thought your job was becoming more and more complicated, here's some validation.

In the past five years, the number of marketing technology companies has grown from just 150 to 3,874. That's a whopping 2,500 percent increase!

Our friends at MarTech illustrate the sheer complexity of the marketing technology landscape in a new supergraphic they unveiled in time for the 2016 MarTech USA conference in San Francisco.

I was fortunate to be in attendance and highly recommend it to any marketing professional looking to share ideas with their peers and leave inspired. 


[Click here to download the graphic as a PDF.]

I still have last year's version of this graphic on my office wall and look at it often. It's a great reference and a reminder of how much the marketing world has evolved in just the past few years.

Today, the largest categories are sales automation, social media marketing, display and programmatic advertising, marketing automation and content marketing. Some of these categories were barely on the radar five years ago, and 10 years ago, they hardly existed at all. 

It's interesting that as more and more marketing technology platforms emerge, there's a growing push for a single solution capable of managing all these functions.

Many marketers like to talk about an "all-in-one solution," but most have a long way to go before they realize that vision. While each new platform gives us new insights, functionalities and customer data, the growing question remains: Now what?

The technology is intended to make us more efficient and effective, but each one adds a layer of complexity.

How does it fit into our existing systems?

Who should manage it?

How does this impact our ability to launch campaigns and communicate with our customers?

How do our customers perceive it?

These questions are keeping marketers up at night.

At the end of the day, the right technology can only take you so far if you're not confident in your ability to use it strategically and execute it effectively. 

That's where we come in. You won't find us on this graphic, but we're the invisible thread that connects many of these categories. We're the conductor behind the scenes, ensuring the people, processes and technology work together seamlessly.

Since our early days, we've invested in our ability to help our clients become more targeted, relevant and nimble as they communicate with customers and within their teams. Our strength is in helping them use existing technology in the best way possible to achieve their goals. 

And now, our updated direction reflects that.  Want to chat more about it?  Feel free to give us a call anytime.

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