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Document Security: Making It Harder to Forge Parking Permits


With DATA’s help, the Ontario government is cracking down on abuses of accessible parking permits.

The province recently introduced new parking permits with security features, including machine-readable barcodes and embossing, to make them harder to forge.

The changes apply to anyone who requests a new permit or renews their current permit.

The government came to us looking for a solution after dealing with abuse for years. Ontario has about 700,000 accessible permits in circulation. Police seized more than 1,000 illegal permits in 2015, according to The Star.

Sandra Carpenter, executive director of the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto, has been advocating for the changes for a long time.

“We’re looking forward to the changes if it means there will be less abuse of the privileges we fought hard for,” she told The Star.

The Importance of Document Security

Although this is a high-profile example, it’s just one of many ways our team works to ensure document security for the public and private sector alike. For decades, we’ve been entrusted to print everything from hospital patient ID bracelets to savings bonds.

We’ve gone through an extensive pre-approval process to become a vendor of record authorized to print secure documents. Our employees are required to pass criminal background checks, and no one is permitted to enter our facility without scanning an employee ID badge.

In addition to safeguarding against fraud, our labels and automated ID solutions enhance efficiency and safety across many industries. In highly regulated industries like health care and finance, they’re crucial to maintaining compliance, but they’ve also allowed retailers to more easily manage loyalty programs and supply chain logistics.

The Growing Need for Data Security

While document security remains essential, the transition to digital is driving much greater demand for data security as well.

At DATA Communications Management, protecting our customer’s information is our number one objective. Our security policies and procedures provide protection that helps secure customer details, financial information, sensitive information and other key business data, protecting our client’s assets.

Good business data protection keeps information safe while ensuring compliance with relevant data protection rules and legislation.

That’s why we constantly evaluate the sensitivity of client data and assess compliance with data protection policies, as well as provincial and federal rules and regulations. DATA also has user access levels on a “need to have access” basis. Data is always encrypted in transit and secured behind strong security safeguards, including firewalls while at rest.

Privacy and security are at the core of everything we do.

When companies don’t have to stress about maintaining warehouses stacked high with boxes of potentially sensitive customer data (or create bottlenecks by having to search for it), they can focus on building stronger relationships.

To learn more about our solutions for document and data security, feel free to contact us.


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