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8 Factors to Consider Before Sending Your Next Direct Mail Piece


Think about the last time you saw an advertisement you felt compelled to save. Chances are, it’s hanging on your refrigerator or resting on the kitchen table rather than sitting in your inbox.

These days, consumers are bombarded with so much digital noise each day that it’s becoming more difficult for marketers to be heard. Adding to the complications are permission-based marketing laws such as Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL), which restricts marketers from sending emails without explicit permission from recipients.

For these reasons, direct mail is making a comeback as part of a broader direct marketing strategy. A direct mail piece has a significantly longer shelf life than other forms of direct marketing, such as email and telephone. And while the cost isn’t quite as low as email, advanced direct mail printing technology is making it more cost-effective. It’s also competitive with other forms of marketing in terms of its ROI—The Direct Marketing Association found direct mail leads cost $19 per lead, compared with $11-15 for email, $16-18 for social media and mobile, and $50 for online display ads.

To make sure your next direct mail hits all the right notes, follow these eight steps before you send.

DATA Communications Management has the technology and expertise to streamline and manage every aspect of your next direct mail campaign, from data management and personalization to printing and delivery. To learn more about our direct marketing solutions, contact us today.

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