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4 Challenges To Executing a Retail Marketing Campaign


When you’re running one or two stores, it’s easy to keep your campaigns consistent. But when your business starts to grow, you often need help making sure every location is living the brand.

Here are some tips to help your campaigns run smoothly, no matter how many stores you’re covering or promotions you’re juggling, on or offline.

Challenge: Local lingo makes your campaign a joke 

Solution: Know the word on the street

There’s an interesting little marketing story about the Chevy Nova. It was a big seller in the U.S., but inventory simply wouldn’t move in Spanish-speaking countries. Then Chevrolet executives learned that “no va” means “doesn’t go” in Spanish. They changed the name to Caribe, and sales took off.

Turns out the story is nothing more than an urban myth. Regardless, it serves as a cautionary tale about doing due diligence in your target markets. 

When you’re creating a geographically diverse campaign, it’s a good idea to vet it with leaders throughout the organization. This is especially true when materials are being translated. Share mockups with local managers, and use their feedback to make necessary refinements. Don’t be afraid to create multiple versions of a campaign to meet various regional and cultural needs. The adjustments are usually minor enough that the campaign will remain consistent and cohesive.

Challenge: Stores put their own spin on the campaign — to the detriment of the brand

Solution: Use technology for delivery

No one wants to play marketing cop, constantly pointing out how a store has botched its campaign execution. At the same time, cringe-worthy Photoshopping or handwritten signs can put a serious dent in overall campaign impact and ROI.

Content and workflow management tools can help you avoid these hurdles by ensuring all team members are on the same page, with access to the same files. They enable clear electronic sharing of campaign rationale and instructions. They enable you to receive alerts when people have read the instructions, and remind those who haven’t.

For campaigns that you need to localize, provide digital copies with editable areas that are already formatted. A web-to-print platform that all your locations can access is a good way to maintain document transparency and consistency — and, at the same time, flexibility. Ensure you have a list of approved vendors for creating the final materials so you can be sure the printing quality is up to your standards.

You might also consider digital displays. Commercial-grade monitors allow you to roll out campaigns across all stores at once, without worrying about installation and presentation. Visuals remain consistent, and can be delivered, scheduled and played with little to no effort on the part of local store teams.

Challenge: Stores hang materials incorrectly — or just plain sloppily

Solution: Provide examples

If you’re sending materials to hang, such as posters or vinyls, include photos showing how and where they should be placed. Clearly state any rules around presentation, such as “use a level to get posters straight” or “no tape”. Provide helpful workarounds; for instance, if one-sided tape is a problem, include a supply of double-sided, or perhaps Velcro or museum putty, to ensure staff have other options 

Challenge: Local social media pages don’t include your campaign

Solution: Provide social media tools

Individual stores may have their own social media channels to connect with local customers. Make it easy for them to share national campaigns: provide images and text they can post locally. Also include guidelines for adapting messaging to fit the local store’s culture and clientele. For example, you might highlight which sections of content can be adjusted with local content, locations or names.

Bringing Order to Your Next Retail Marketing Campaign

Running a marketing campaign across multiple stores — corporate or franchised — is challenging, but with a little guidance and the right tools, you can reap the benefits of more predictable execution and consistent branding.

DATA Communications Management has the technology and expertise to streamline and manage every aspect of your retail communications. For more on how to make your next retail marketing campaign more successful, as well as best practices from other industry leaders, download our latest guide, 5 Secrets of a Successful Retail Marketing Campaign.

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