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August 29 2017
- BY DATA Communications Management

Brittany Marchand Wins DCM PGA Women’s Championship of Canada

As if it were scripted, two best friends were part of a three-person playoff last week at Scarboro Golf & Country Club to decide the winner of the 2017 DCM PGA Women’s Championship of Canada.

In the end, it was Brittany Marchand of Mono, Ont., outlasting her old pal Augusta James of Bath, Ont., rolling in a 25-foot birdie putt on the third playoff hole.

“For me, I was glad to be in a playoff with my best friend,” Marchand admitted shortly after the win. “If someone was going to beat me, I’d want it to be her.”

Marchand’s win at the DCM PGA Women’s Championship of Canada is her second major title of late, winning. the Symetra Tour’s PHC Classic earlier this month.

Data Communications Management was the proud title sponsor of this prestigious championship, which took place on August 14-16. DATA was thrilled to be sponsoring an event aimed at supporting and promoting female golfers. The Championship kicked off with the first annual DCM VIP Pro Am tournament, where VIP guests were invited to golf alongside a PGA pro, gaining tips and tricks on the course. 

“I had an amazing time at DCM's Pro-Am Day - it was great playing with a pro while getting to understand DCM’s business,” said Michelle Bourque, Vice president, Marketing and Network Access Strategy at Bell Business Markets. Michelle was invited as one of DATA’s Pro-Am VIP guests. “DCM’s President, Greg Cochrane, is clearly passionate about advancing women in sport and it sounds like he brings the same passion and enthusiasm to the company.”

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DCM Announced as Title Sponsor of PGA Women’s Championship of Canada

There’s a new name in women’s golf:  DATA Communications Management. DCM has signed on as title sponsor of the PGA Women's Championship of Canada. The annual event takes place in August at Toronto’s Scarboro Golf & Country Club.

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April 21 2017
- BY DATA Communications Management

DCM Drivers

Michael Sifton, CEO, and Greg Cochrane, President, are featured as the cover story in PrintAction’s most recent April issue. Michael and Greg discuss reshaping a legacy company to become one of Canada’s most-formidable managed communications providers by leveraging print and strategic acquisitions.

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January 13 2017
- BY Jim Ferreira

6 Signs Your Bank’s Document Management Process is Broken

In many ways, the financial services industry is still adapting to the digital age.

One in eight banking transactions now occur online.

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January 5 2017
- BY DATA Blog

DCM Produces Maple Leafs Centennial Event Tickets

To celebrate 100 years of hockey, the Toronto Maple Leafs are pulling out all the stops to celebrate with their fans.

We were honored they called upon us to produce commemorative event tickets to mark the occasion!  

The tickets were designed by Conrad Garner and feature photos and quotes from some of the best-known players. 

To drum up excitement for the 2017 playoffs, they've even included special designs for each round.  Check out some of the designs here:

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November 28 2016
- BY Alan Roberts

How to Uncover Hidden Cash In Your Print Supply Chain

If you discovered there were thousands of dollars buried in your backyard, you would drop everything and go to great lengths to dig it up. However, if that same treasure trove was buried beneath stacks of papers and old brochures at your company, you probably wouldn’t act with the same sense of urgency.

For years, many companies have approached print supply chain management as an afterthought rather than a strategy.

Fortunately, that’s changing.

More companies recognize that staying competitive means staying lean, and excess print inventory is one of the best opportunities to cut the fat.

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November 22 2016
- BY Jeff Gladwish

Take Our 2-Minute Marketing Execution Assessment

Dreaming up creative campaign concepts is just one part of a marketer’s job—and it’s usually the easy part. The ability to execute those ideas successfully across multiple channels is what often separates great marketers from mediocre ones. As I’ve learned from talking with clients and peers over the years, this is the area where marketers struggle most often.

Without effective execution, even the best ideas will never reach their full potential. More importantly, poor execution can confuse customers, hurt your brand’s reputation and even impact your bottom line.

How strong is your marketing department when it comes to executing campaigns?

Take our two-minute marketing execution assessment to find out.

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November 18 2016
- BY Steve Wittal

Why Is Marketing Campaign Execution So Hard?

This article originally appeared as a guest post on the Canadian Marketing Association website.

It was a genius idea.

It was 1992, and Pepsi executives were desperate to boost sales in Southeast Asia, where they were lagging behind Coca-Cola by a long shot.

They decided to give away 1 million pesos to one lucky customer who had the winning number printed on their bottlecap. The campaign known as “Number Fever” was on.

What could go wrong?

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November 4 2016
- BY Jeff Gladwish

5 Direct Mail Metrics To Measure In Your Next Campaign

You’ve probably heard direct mail remains one of the most effective ways to break through the “digital noise” and connect with customers.

Others within your organization may not be so convinced. Direct mail and other direct marketing solutions still require more upfront cost than email, although new technology continues to make them more cost-effective.

To prove their worth to your boss and gain budgeting approval, you’ll need to measure these five direct mail metrics.

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October 20 2016
- BY DATA Blog

5 Winning Sports Marketing Campaigns

As long as there are season openers, there will be diehard fans to buy tickets.

There will also be “fair weather fans” who won’t renew unless the draft works out to their liking or your team showed a strong performance last season.

For those fans, the right incentives and marketing campaigns can make all the difference. If you’re looking for creative ways to revive enthusiasm in your team and bring back fans who may have strayed, check out these five winning sports marketing campaigns.

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